If you knew what you needed to do to become a veterinarian, would you do it? Have you ever wished you knew WHERE to start and WHO to trust to help you turn the dream of owning your own horse. or learning a riding discipline, into reality? Do you have questions about your animals' health or treatment? Ask Dr Bruce on the air or via email!!

 Welcome to the official website of the WILD ABOUT ANIMALS RADIO SHOW ! Listen to Dr Bruce and Emmi on KAAM 770 AM in the greater DFW area, or around the world at, Tuesdays at 3:00pm in the central time zone!

​​​The Wild About Animals Radio Show serves to not only make your experience with your pets and livestock more enjoyable and profitable, Dr Bruce brings a big dose of  HORSE SENSE to some of the NONSENSE which may affect the way you are able to use and enjoy your critters! The show is an extension of the AMA and AVMA "One Health" initiative, promoting a healthier planet and existence for ALL animals!

Mission of the Show

Our mission is simple, help others. Regardless of what species of animal you share your life with, regardless of whether you share your space for financial gain, entertainment, companionship, fun, all of the above or any other reason, we want to help YOU

attain your goals and dreams. We will provide information, products, personalities and philosophies which have been ,are being, or stand great promise of being used successfully by others in the animal world to enjoy a healthy and productive life of abundance  which ALL animals so deserve.