Miss Emmi is the twenty something sweet voice and softheart. Dr Bruce is the tough minded and thick skinned (but soft hearted!!) middle age crazy veterinarian. Together they talk with YOU about issues, treatments, products, and philosophies to help you and your animals live a healthier, more productive, and worry-free life. Tired of all the bad news and doom and gloom talk elsewhere, join these two for ANSWERS and SOLUTIONS to the problems that challenge us all, in a fun, informative and entertaining format. One world, One Health.

​And as Dr Bruce says, "If you ain't having fun, you ain't doing it right!!!"


HOWDY! I'm your host, Dr Bruce Lyle. These are two of my "kids", Molly on the left, Stuart Little on the right. I didn't grow up raising horses, but my grandparents farm and a love for science, athletics, and the desire to help others led me to the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and I've worked on a little of everything (and a LOT of horses!) the past 23 years. I look forward to sharing the people, products and stories which have enriched my life, and hope to help you and your animals live the life of your dreams! Thanks for checking us out! Thanks for listening!